This page features syllabi used by teachers in Tolkien-related courses. These syllabi have been formatted according to Waymeet’s standards and have been peer-reviewed by the members of our Editorial Board before being published here.

Although we require submissions for Waymeet to follow a specific format, a few syllabi here are included in their full, original format. These extended syllabi are from teachers with articles published in MLA’s Approaches to Teaching Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Other Works. Syllabi by teachers not included in that volume must be submitted according to Waymeet’s standard format as described on the Submit a Syllabus page.

Children’s Literature and Film (300-level; taught by Brian Walter)
Introduction to Literature: Reading Historically (100-level; taught by Anna Smol)
JRR Tolkien-English and Medieval Studies (300-level; taught by Jane Chance)
J.R.R. Tolkien: Middle-earth and Beyond (400-level; taught by Christopher Crane)
Medieval and Modern in Tolkien’s Middle-earth (300-level; taught by Yvette Kisor)
Medieval Myth and Modern Narrative (300-level; taught by Verlyn Flieger)
Science of Middle-earth (100-level, freshman-year experience; taught by Kristine Larsen)
Tolkien Author of his Century (200-level Honors course; taught by Verlyn Flieger)
Tolkien Studies for Advanced Readers (400-level Honors course; taught by Leslie Donovan)
Tolkien on War (graduate-level seminar; taught by Verlyn Flieger)

If you wish to adapt any of the materials on this page for use in your own course, please be aware that all materials published on Waymeet are licensed under the Creative Commons license (more info at the bottom of this page). We also ask that you show courtesy to the authors of these materials by requesting their permission in writing and acknowledging them in your materials.

To submit a syllabus to be considered for publication on Waymeet, follow the requirements on the Submit a Syllabus page.

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