Submit Class Exercises/Informal Assignments

To submit a class exercise or informal assignment to be considered for publication on Waymeet, follow the requirements below and then submit your work through our submission manager.

  • All exercises/informal assignments submitted must be for courses that have previously been taught by the person who makes the submission and must be clearly related to the subject of Tolkien’s life or works.
  • Each exercise/informal assignment submitted must include:
    – Title of Course;
    – Instructor(s);
    – Last semester course was taught;
    – Department(s) in which course was taught and course number or year level (graduate, sophomore, junior, etc.);
    – College or university;
    – Email address for instructor(s).
  • The maximum length for any class exercise/informal assignment submission is 4 pages.
  • Class exercises/informal assignments submissions must be formatted with all margins (left, right, top, and bottom) of no less than once inch, in a standard font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial) and with a font size of 12 points.
  • Class exercises/informal assignments must be submitted as PDF documents.
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