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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Lady Glawareth/Ithilien Maethor/Mehtar

    My name is Helena Warrior in Elvish: Glawareth/Ithilien Maethor/Mehtar
    Glawareth : Sunlight / Ithilien : Moonlight

    I haven’t decided what I want to study in Germany yet but I’m sure my destination for living would be among Scandinavian countries or simply European countries in the western north.
    I’m a polyglot and I plan on teaching languages to make ends meet and recently I became interested in the Elvish languages ESP Sindarin and Westron. BTW I’m a big fan of Tolkien’s job so I want to know if there is any university courses for BA? So that I could end up teaching Literary works of Tolkien or History and myths of Icelandic culture which is very close to Tolkien’s telling of the stories.
    And also I want to know if I could easily find a job after studying such things in Europe or I better study something Technical for survival?

    1. Leslie A. Donovan Post author

      Thanks for your interest in our digital journal on teaching the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Many courses on Tolkien are taught in the USA and in the United Kingdom, but our journal does not have specific information on degrees offered or on the availability of jobs in the field. But good luck on your studies of Tolkien’s languages and works!

  2. Deborah L. Klein

    I have actually written more about C. S. Lewis than about Tolkien, but I avidly read both (and George MacDonald and Charles Williams). I would love to visit New Zealand and Hobbiton. I think an ideal job might be working with WETA. Meanwhile, here in Montgomery, AL, I add at least Hobbit excerpts to nearly all my classes.

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